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Does the assessment include a Stress test (Exercise Stress Test)?

The stress test was a staple of screening programs in previous years but has been replaced now by a more nuanced and personalised approach to your cardiovascular risk profile. Unfortunately, the stress test is not an accurate test at assessing your actual current risk as patients can pass the test and still have underlying disease. At Minerva we calculate your Qrisk score, an internationally validated tool for cardiovascular disease and if your score is elevated, we will refer on to our cardiology consultant colleagues in the Hermitage for further tests and review will may include more in-depth tests such as a CT Coronary Angiogram. Our aim is to avoid doing unnecessary tests on people who are at low risk and who do not need them, but rather to refer those populations who are at risk for more sensitive and accurate cardiovascular testing.

I found my experience at Minerva to be really comprehensive, efficient and of great value. The booking process was easy and supported well by their admin team. I appreciated having some aspects of the screening completed ahead of my appointment. Having my bloods results as well as lifestyle questionnaire completed in advance was great as I felt that the doctor had a good understanding of my general health before they met me and made the appointment on the day very focused. I also liked how the medical was very lifestyle-based. I feel empowered to make positive changes in my life to improve my health and wellbeing and found this approach to be more holistic and meaningful than other screening experiences I’ve had in the past. I would happily recommend Minerva Health to anyone who is serious about improving their health.

Dee McMahon


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