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Minerva Health is a collaboration between Dr. David Foley,

Lifestyle Medicine consultant and Medmark, Irelands leading

Occupational Health and wellness Company.


Minerva Health is a reimagined Executive health screening medical delivering a contemporary, evidence-based assessment of the highest standard, based in Hermitage Clinic Dublin. The design of the Medical has been guided by the principles of Lifestyle medicine and harness the latest technology for client convenience and ongoing engagement.

About Minerva Health


What sets Minerva Health apart from other Screening offerings:

Consultant Led

Our service is designed, led, and overseen by a consultant who works carefully to train our doctors to provide an individualised assessment for each patient.

Specialist Access

In the Hermitage Clinic we are privileged to work closely with consultants

in disciplines such as cardiology, gastroenterology, and radiology.

Their expertise and professionalism are available to all our

Minerva Health clients should they be needed. We can also provide

access to expert coaches in physical exercise, nutrition and emotional / mental health who can assist in achieving the objectives identified in

your plan. Our vision is to provide the complete journey from screening

to diagnosis to treatment should it be required.

Patient Specific

We recognise that there is no one size fits all approach to Executive Medicals, so we ask each patient to fill out a detailed questionnaire prior to their consultation. This allows us to analyse each person’s unique risk profile and history in advance so we can plan which elements to focus on in the consultation. This analysis is of overall health, evaluating the physical, nutritional and emotional wellbeing of each individual.

Holistic Lifestyle Medicine Approach

We appreciate the roles that sleep, stress, society, diet, and exercise play

in our lives and engage with our patients to prioritise these areas in their lives. We provide patients with a risk rating / score using the most up to

date risk categorisations in these areas, for example the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. Each participant receives an Individualised Action Plan,

and we do a follow up call 3 months after your consultation to see how

you are progressing with your plan.

I found my experience at Minerva to be really comprehensive, efficient and of great value. The booking process was easy and supported well by their admin team. I appreciated having some aspects of the screening completed ahead of my appointment. Having my bloods results as well as lifestyle questionnaire completed in advance was great as I felt that the doctor had a good understanding of my general health before they met me and made the appointment on the day very focused. I also liked how the medical was very lifestyle-based. I feel empowered to make positive changes in my life to improve my health and wellbeing and found this approach to be more holistic and meaningful than other screening experiences I’ve had in the past. I would happily recommend Minerva Health to anyone who is serious about improving their health.

Dee McMahon


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